CSUF Operations Consulting Services

Powerful Selling to Vito Statement

This paragraph breiflly explains to the visitor the value of CSUF Business Consulting Services, the history of the program, and the success rate of the program. CSUF Consulting projects are intensive, semester-long projects undertaken by groups of business students under the supervision of their professor and, for Undergraduates, with the assistance of a mentor from the professional world. Projects can either focus on a specific discipline (e.g. Operations, Finance, Operations, etc.) or they can take the business' overall strategy into consideration. (Copy P5#1)

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Operations Consulting Service

You can expect the following experience areas from our team, which fall under the umbrella of Operations consulting:(Copy P5#2)

  • Insights and Segmentation
  • Product and category management
  • Pricing
  • Sales and channel effectiveness
  • Operations and brand strategy
  • Customer experience

Experience Areas

This Section breiflly explains to the visitor the Operations Program outline,
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Operations Challanges

This Section breiflly explains to the visitor the Operations Challanges that they can identify with,
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Program Sechdual

Spring Semester - Apply Oct - December for an early February

Summer semester - Apply March - May for an early June

Fall semester - Apply late June - mid August for a September

Case Study

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Apply Now

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